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Acute sinusitis (0)

Sinusitis is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the paranasal sinuses. Because the nasal mucosa is simultaneously involved and because sinusitis rarely occurs without concurrent rhinitis, rhinosinusitis is now the preferred term for this condition.1 By definition, symptoms of acute rhinosinusitis last less than 3 weeks, symptoms of subacute rhinosinusitis last 21-60 days, and symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis last more than 60 days. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality accepted this terminology in 1999.

Rhinosinusitis may be further classified according to the anatomic site (maxillary, ethmoidal, frontal, sphenoidal), pathogenic organism (viral, bacterial, fungal), presence of complication (orbital, intracranial), and associated factors (nasal polyposis, immunosuppression, anatomic variants).