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Adenoidal Hypertrophy (0)

The adenoid, along with the tonsils at the back of the mouth and tonsillar tissue at the base of the tongue form a ring of tissue (Waldeyer's ring) that assists in preventing bacteria, viruses, and toxins from entering the body. The adenoid and the tonsillar tissues are largely composed of a group of blood cells termed B lymphocytes, which make antibody. This antibody binds bacteria, viruses, and other toxins and inactivates them, thus keeping them from entering into the body and causing disease. Unlike the tonsils which can be seen by looking directly through the mouth, the adenoid is positioned at the backmost part of the nasal cavity and up behind the soft palate. The adenoid, like tonsillar tissue, can be involved with both acute and chronic infections. With ongoing infection or inflammation, the adenoid can progressively enlarge. Since it sits at the backmost part of the nasal cavity, its main symptoms affect nasal function.