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Hepatitis E (0)

Hepatitis E is an enterically transmitted infection that is typically self-limited.[1, 2] It is caused by the hepatitis E virus (HEV) and is spread by fecally contaminated water within endemic areas.[3, 4, 5] Outbreaks can be epidemic and individual. Hepatitis E has many similarities with hepatitis A. Hepatitis E has been associated with chronic hepatitis in solid organ-transplant recipients.[6]

The course of infection has 2 phases, the prodromal phase and the icteric phase. The infection is self-limited. Whether protective immunoglobulins develop against future reinfection remains unknown. The overall case fatality rate is 4%, though pregnant women and liver transplant recipients may be at substantially higher risk.

Therapy should be predominantly preventive, relying on clean drinking water, good sanitation, and proper personal hygiene. A successful recombinant hepatitis E vaccine has been develope