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Primary open-angle glaucoma (0)

Primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is described distinctly as a multifactorial optic neuropathy that is chronic and progressive with a characteristic acquired loss of optic nerve fibers. Such loss develops in the presence of open anterior chamber angles, characteristic visual field abnormalities, and IOP that is too high for the continued health of the eye. It manifests by cupping and atrophy of the optic disc, in the absence of other known causes of glaucomatous disease.1,2 Note that the definition of POAG is not synonymous or solely defined by the presence of elevated IOP, but that increased IOP is a risk factor associated with the development of the disease, and is not the disease itself. Patients could develop optic neuropathy of glaucoma in the absence of documented elevated IOP. This condition has been termed normal-tension or low-tension glaucoma.